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CHOPS GRILL Steak & Seafood is a modern steakhouse offering prime meats from all over the world, local fish steaks and some contemporary pastas and salads. The main grill is in the dining area, offering a great view of our grill master in action. It is perfectly located just off the main Marmontova Street, and still set in a way that offers enough space and privacy for our guests. Full bar complete with handcrafted cocktails available from our adjoining bar.
Reservations recommended. For groups and private parties please contact us directly.
We are open for lunch and dinner daily.


Fresh oysters

Shrimp bisque
creamy bisque, roasted tomato and shrimp oil

Goat cheese tarts
creamy goat cheese; baked pancetta; onion jam

Tuna cornets
five mini sesame cornets with tuna tartare

Classic shrimp cocktail
peeled shrimp tails, classic sauce and salad

infused with pesto; home-made ‘’šalša’’; basil

Steak Tartare
grilled bread, butter

Beef carpaccio
Black Angus beef; crispy capers, in-house made truffle infused emulsion

brown butter sauce, capers and lemon jam, baked crispy parmesan

Original Japanese Wagyu A5 beef tataki
soy dressing; spring onions and crispy onion

Tuna tataki
soy dressing, spring onions and crispy onion

Fresh pasta with cherry tomatoes, dalmatian ‘’šalša’’ and burrata

Fresh pasta with shrimp sauce and truffles

Beef tagliata salad
thin sliced beef filets, salad; feta cheese; raisins; walnuts, apples


Grilled de-boned chicken thigh

Beef ribs
slowly cooked ribs, baked with BQ sauce frosting

Baby beef rump-steak 250g. / 8.8 oz

Veal fillet 250g. / 8.8 oz
Milk-fed European veal

Filet mignon 250g. / 8.8 oz.
Filet mignon from the top-quality grain fed beef, wet aged

Striploin steak 300 g. / 10.6 oz.
Black Angus grain fed beef from Uruguay, wet aged

Black Angus ribeye steak 300g. / 10.6 oz.
Argentinian grass-fed Black Angus beef, wet aged

Frenched lamb chops
Tender lamb medallions on the bone; gremolata

Filet Wellington
wrapped in mushroom, onion and foie gras sauce, baked in puffy pastry and served with truffled mashed potatoes, demi-glace sauce and mushrooms

Black Angus ribeye steak 350g. / 10.6 oz.
Irish grain fed Black Angus beef, wet aged

T-bone steak 500.g / 19.4 oz
European Simmental beef, wet aged

Chops’ duet for 2 people
Beef tenderloin and sirloin, veal striploin, chicken

Please consult with your waiter for availability

Black Angus tenderloin 250 g. / 8.8 oz.
USDA certified Black Angus beef from the United States of America, corn fed, wet aged

Black Angus ribeye 350 g. / 12.4 oz.
USDA certified Black Angus beef from the United States of America, corn fed, wet aged

Creekstone Black Angus ribeye 350 g. / 12.4 oz
USDA certified Black Angus beef from the United States of America, corn fed, wet aged

Japanese Black Cattle Wagyu beef tenderloin 150 g. / 5.3 oz
Original Japanese Wagyu beef from Kagoshima prefecture; A5 marbling score

Tomahawk steak on the bone for two (approx. 1.250 g./ 44.1 oz.)
Dry aged Irish Black Angus ribeye; served with baked potatoes with pancetta and spring onions; choice of two sauces

Kobe beef – The original Japanese Black Cattle (200g. / 7.05 oz)
(please consult with your waiter for the available cuts)


Local Simmental beef aged in house for minimum 30 days.
Minimum sizes start from about 800 grams / 28 oz.

Ribeye with bone in – price per 100g. (per 3.5 oz.)

T-bone steak – price per 100g. (per 3.5 oz.)

Grilled monkfish with truffle sauce
monkfish tails

Grilled local tuna steak

Grilled salmon
with lemon and brown butter sauce; broccoli

Grilled fish plate
monkfish tail, white fish fillet, grilled tuna; shrimp

Half grilled lobster (up to 200g. / 7.05 oz.)


In-house made crispy onion rings

Baked potatoes with pancetta and onion

Truffled mashed potatoes

Broccoli cream with roasted broccoli and chili

Grilled asparagus

Grilled fresh local vegetables

Chops salad
(seasonal salad; feta cheese; walnuts; raisins, apple)

Caesar salad

Bread basket

Gluten free bread


Garlic & herbs butter

Chilli creamy butter

Salted creamy butter

Chimichuri sauce

Honey and Dijon mustard sauce

In house made BBQ sauce

Bearnaise sauce

Green pepper sauce

Truffle sauce

Single chocolate truffle

The upside down cheesecake
Cheesecake cream; forest fruit and crumbled oreo

Chocolate ganache with rock salt and olive oil

Crème Brûlée

Tropical breeze
Mango sorbet, caramelized pineapple, coconut cream

Chocolate lava cake
Warm chocolate biscuit with melted chocolate in the center, vanilla ice-cream in crushed pistachio
(Please allow 10 minutes for preparation )

Hours of Operation
Monday – Sunday
12:00 – 23:00

Payment:  We accept cash and all major credit cards

(Please note that we are closed through January / February for vacations and refurbishing)

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